Thursday, 14 May 2015

The spectacle thief

Nobody told me that terriers are compulsive thieves and destroyers of stuffed things. It tends to be a bit more half hearted these days but whenever she manages to slip in the bedroom (Usually off limits) Muffin feels the need to steal an item and run. If it was down to me, she would probably be on the bed by now but that was the deal I made when dear husband finally agreed that we could have a dog. However she is now welcomed by him for some weekend fusses every now and again and when we are all on holiday.
Today I was feeling a bit giddy and sick. I tried to put away the likely targets for her looting, socks , pants, miniature muffy bear and left the door open. I figured that the weekend is our time and if I can't get up she can come to me. I then slept the sleep of the sick and woke up some time later to find her curled into me under the covers. Ah I thought, my little grey angel. Then I went to put on my spectacles only to discover that they had disappeared.  After frantically searching fearing that she had consumed them glass and all, I found them buried in her pebble patch which also doubles as a toilet. She must have hidden them somewhere in the interim as the back door wasn't open while I was in bed. Happily they are in tact unlike the doggie bed I was storing for a friend once.
Composed 27.09.14

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