Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sockmageddon and Max the shredder.

These days, Muffin is much less bolshy than she used to be. She has come to understand her life with a family pretty well and she mostly knows what the boundaries are. 
Every now and again, however, she will demonstrate her displeasure about something in typical terrier fashion. It is a little bit half hearted mostly. Failure to let her go up to the bath when someone is in it, often leads to some laundry being dispatched from the airer or a shoe being dragged around the kitchen,
Lately she has very much been enjoying, basking in the morning sun beaming through the front windows. I generally let her in after breakfast, on the understanding that it is too early to bark. She does seem to understand times when barking is a bit more acceptable. 
Weekends I have a break from the drink making duties and hubby brings me coffee in bed. Yesterday as I was dozing, I was rudely awakened by furious barking, indicating that the 'no barking this early' rule had been shamelessly violated. A rebellious terrier was then banished to the back room while we had our drink in bed. 
After ignoring some barkey requests to let her back into the sun shine, we heard a general rumpus which we assumed was a frustrated 'wall of death' stunt around the sofas.  All was soon calm again and we enjoyed our first cuppa of the day.
Having ventured down to make a refill, hubby returned with a look on his face that said some naughtiness had occurred. 'What was she up to' I asked, not really sure I wanted to know. 'Sockmageddon' he tells me with an action man eagle eyed look. Apparently every sock on the airer had been removed and relocated. The back room looked like somebody had blown up a sock draw. Luckily the rest of the day was uneventful. It is a shame I can't say the same about my friends day with her dog Max. 
He had happily munched his way through a newspaper and created so much papiermache that his jaws locked together. It is unclear what happened really as the vet said, he had never seem anything like it before. Poor Max had to have an anesthetic and have his jaws opened surgically. I doubt Max will be getting near a paper again. A £150 vet bill and some very worried owners ensued from his chewing, shredding exploits. I probably don't need to mention this but yes, Max is a terrier!

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