Thursday, 14 May 2015

A walk in the wrong direction

Muffin is a dog who knows which way she wants to go. She is a creature of habit. While she clearly enjoys exploring new places when we get in the car, if we leave from the house she will walk the route most travelled. Yesterday she was taken in the opposite direction to her usual walk. She seemed game as there might be some interesting smells on the dog field. However as we moved towards the allotments, the penny dropped and she realised that she was most probably on route to the vet. A this point, she stopped walking and decided not to be complicit in this outrage.
Human male had to carry her about half the way! She seemed to enjoy the ride but not so keen on the destination. One or two dogs and its usually safe to enter. However there were several already waiting so a stressed out terrier had to wait outside until it was her turn. 
When her name was called, she went in telling off a couple of dogs on route and left her usual calling card, a small puddle. This only happens at the vets now. She managed to jerk back into the needle as she had her booster but remained fairly good natured as she had her ears, weight and back legs checked. All seems fine. She is athletic and lithe apparently. She hops rather a lot particularly with right back raised but her knees were quite firmly set so the vet thought it was just a quirk she has (one of many) 
The field was pretty empty on the way home so she had a good game of fetch. Hopefully it helped her forget about the vet until the next time we walk the wrong way!
Composed 04.11.14

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