Friday, 15 May 2015

Terrier on tour

You may have seen from the Merry christmas video, that Muffy fancies herself as a bit of a singing diva. However I am not suggesting that she is touring to entertain anybody but herself.
We tend not to think about the kennel incident. When we decided that our home needed a dog, we had already booked a holiday abroad and the children would have been most unhappy if we cancelled. We told ourselves she would be fine in kennels for a week but in truth, leaving her there was gut wrenching. I spent most of the time worrying and we pretty much knew by the time we picked her up that there would be no more kennels. We had a brief shot at leaving her overnight with a home boarder but it didn't go too well. To be fair, I did advise that it was unwise to leave her unsupervised in the garden if she didn't require any landscaping doing and how was Muffy to know that it is only acceptable to play towel tug at home with the old towels and not your dog sitters best towels.
All in all, Caravanning seemed like a good solution to keep everybody happy (by everybody I mean everydoggy) Not wanting to spend loads and realise it isn't for us, we purchased a 20 year old van and tentatively set off on our touring adventure.
So far the 'tour' involves a long weekend to a park full of deer, 40 minutes car ride away. Much walking took place and a good deal of sniffing. Not wishing to recreate the Fenton experience, Muffy stayed on her long lead and did very well indeed meeting other dogs. She was also very nice to a look alike terrier on the site. She was off lead at this point however, as she saw an opportunity to escape while we were flapping about the flood! (note to self, turn off the taps and lift the sink cover before connecting the water)
Despite the teething problems, a good time was had by all. We are looking forward to our next gig but need time to recover from the last.

Touring is so exhausting!

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