Thursday, 14 May 2015

Frontline and Ted's bottom

A couple of angry snaps in the tail direction, indicated that its probably frontline time again. This has to be done a bit sneakily as Muffin is not really impressed about having the oily compound applied. Worming is no problem for a dog that will eat anything offered to her. 'here's a nice tasty treat for you Muffy' 
'Thanks very much, nom nom nom' Goodbye any internal lodgers. 
External lodgers are harder to evict. I am pretty sure that my intentions are being psychically transmitted some how. The morning scratch after frozen kong routine is pretty much set in stone. This is when I had planned my frontline attack. She is generally open to a little grooming at this time. Pulling out some bobby's buttons, untangling the armpit hair, general body check for lumps and bumps. I had my dropper hidden away ready for action. The kong was attacked with gusto then discarded when empty. I waited for the look requesting an invite to join me on the sofa but it never came. In fact she slunk back to her own sofa (yes you read that right) and settled down looking grumpy. This is so out of routine that she must have known what I was planning. 
Our morning routine is always the same. First of all we go out at 6.30am. This time of the morning is reserved for dogs who may be a little less socially acceptable than the average dog which is the case with us, or owners who have got a bit fed up of being told where they are going wrong with their dog. Ted, a beautiful golden cockapoo, falls into the later category. He is selectively deaf when off the lead, but his human is always being told off for not letting him off. Muffin is also not allowed off the lead near other dogs as her fear reactivity with strange dogs, may cause her to go and start a fight. Her anxiety levels at such a time also tends to lead to hearing loss. Luckily the 6.30 dogs are mostly friend dogs. Normally I let Muffy decide which way we will go in the morning. Left is to the field where she might see a friend dog or occasionally she might be confronted with a new scary dog. Right and we just go as far as the waste bin where she will leave her deposit and head home for breakfast. Usually if she has had fun with a friend she will want to go back to the field the next day. Yesterday we saw an unknown dog so she decided to go right this morning. Ted was also heading that way as he and Muffin have been very interested in a huge mound of earth that has appeared in the field. He had a bath and his human was keen for him to stay clean. He was sporting a fine burberry jacket to keep him dry. Muffin doesn't really understand clothes. She knew it was Ted but was clearly bemused by his attire. She tried to make sure that it was indeed Ted by sniffing his bottom for an extra long time just to be certain. Ted was very patient with her, as he so often is. Seemingly happy that it was the Ted she knew and is largely indifferent to, she strutted on her way, left several p mails and came home for her breakfast. Anyway I am digressing which is normal. After breakfast, as mentioned before, she has a kong filled with softened gentle and frozen. This keeps her happy while I consume a much needed coffee. Usually before I have finished my drink she is up placing her bottom on my arm with a backwards looks which asks ' please scratch my tailbase' I am very well trained at this point so I obliged of course. This goes on until she has had an all over scratch. Usually her male human emerges at this point. She gets a morning flattery session about how beautiful she is then waits patiently while he constructs his cheese sandwhch. Just as she is munching a small cheesy treat, the teen boy emerges and make his ham sandwich (Yes we are all very predictable) Muffy gets another fuss and a nibble of ham. She then almost wills us to go out the door so she can have her gravy bone. Although the weekend routine is different, this week day routine remains the same. I cannot remember a time when she did not come for her scratch. I am planning to frontline with reinforcements after tea now. She must know that all thoughts are on hold for now. She has been demanding scratches all the time I have been typing. Well an itchy dog needs her frontline. Sorry Muffin. Just get it over with. The bake off is on tonight, You can watch it in peace. 
Composed 24.09.14

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