Thursday, 14 May 2015

Birds bearing gifts

I think I mentioned that Muffin is a clever beast. I don't really have any experience with other dogs to compare her to but she has impressed me on more than one occasion. Week one AT (after terrier) she attempted to steal my breakfast by frantically barking at the back door so I would investigate. When this failed, she pretended to lose something under the sofa. As I searched in vain, she had a good tuck in to my porridge. She is more well mannered these days and doesn't try to steal food from the family.
She also uses music cues to alert her to when an advert animal is going to appear and gets herself in position for a good bark. She once barked all the way through the 'murder she wrote intro and we realised she was hyped up waiting for puppies to appear out of a packet of digestives! She will run at speed from any location in the house when she hears 'rice rice baby' 
Another big pleasure for the girl is bathtime. One day when the human male was taking a bath. I had successfully ignored the whining at the door for a good while. She then went to get her towel, dragged it in and continued her whining. I was so impressed, I almost let her up. 
Another time she took it a stage further. She generally waits expectantly by the sink while I run it after a walk. Then she jumps in and splashes around to clean her paws. On this occasion, I was on the phone for rather a long time I was surprised to see her jump out, fetch her towel off the radiator and dry her own feet. Shame about the muddy prints from the sink to the radiator but gotta love the girl for trying.
Her latest rub also show initiative. She no longer tries to steal food from the humans but has decided that the birds are fair game. She will wait quietly in the yard until she sees them fly over. If one has a foody treasure, she will bark frantically which often causes the bird to drop its morsel to an expectant terrier. Sadly she has blown her own scam now. On bacon days, I throw the fat on the garage roof for the birds. She is indignant about this outrage that she can't contain herself when they land for the fatty goodness. They have got wise to it now and avoid flying directly over her yard!
Composed 25.09.14

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