Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Hear me Raw

One thing I didn't think would be a major consideration when getting a dog, was food. I once had a cat who lived a long happy life, enjoying stuff from the supermarket. 
It seems that everybody had some advice on feeding and the dirty looks hubby got when he picked up some Bakers was enough to get me researching frantically. The last thing I needed was to feed my little spitfire something which may increase hyperactivity or make her ill. 
Research, however, just served to increase my confusion and raise more questions. I never realised how many dogs seem to have issues with allergy and intolerance. I eventually came across the all about dog food site (link to the right) which provided me with enough information to decide on what to feed. I never had a issue with 'would Muffy like the food?' Muffy likes her worm tablets. I really feel for owners with finicky dogs. It is hard enough to find a good food without wondering if your pooch will eat it. 
Initially we decided to feed a cold pressed dry food. Although it was always eaten with enthusiasm, I began to worry that a single food would be boring and more human treats slipped into her diet. I then began to worry about dental hygiene as sometimes her breath could knock you sideways. We introduced a wet food which went down well but I still felt the diet was a bit boring. I had been reading a little about raw food so after some favourable reviews from others with small terriers, I decided to mix it up and try some.
Muffin approved and despite fears about a higher protein food causing hyperactivity, she showed no signs of behavioural changes. I was quite surprised to be asked on more than one occasion if raw feeding made them vicious. I am not sure what the logic behind that is. I don't get her to go out hunting for her own cartons of frozen food. She gets the odd bone but generally speaking, I like to keep things simple. The food is complete and conveniently packaged.
She now has a range of about four different foods and I am little less neurotic about her having the odd unhealthy treat. She generally does well and after close monitoring, we seem to have got the potions right.
I did, however just have a reminder that I should stay vigilant with the weight checks. Having returned from an area heavily populated with Deer, I did a quick body check for ticks and was surprised to feel her ribs with a little more ease than usual. A jump on the scales revealed that one of us had gained after our short holiday. It wasn't Muffy unfortunately. She had lost a whole kilo! I felt like a terrible owner. How could I have not noticed. I felt even worse as I realised that she had been scavenging and ignoring 'leave it' on our walks for the last couple of weeks. As I had not changed portion sizes, I can only put it down to our really long walks on holiday and the fact that I had run out of her higher fat Raw food for a while and had been mostly feeding a much lower fat one which seemed to produce twice as much pea filled poop.
She is back on the higher fat one now and I will certainly up the potions if we walk more. Lessoned learned. Regular weigh ins required.
Finding the right food, is no easy task. It sometimes does seem easier just to trust that what is on the shelves is okay but all of our dogs are different and some of what is on the shelves in downright rubbish. It is very much trial and error and trying to work out what is right for your dog and your budget is not for the fainthearted. Muffy isn't much help. Whatever goes in her dish it always ends the same way!


  1. Hello there new friend! I got your email and I would be happy to write a limerick for Muffin. It may take some time...so I will let you know when it is ready.

    1. Hello Oz, Nice to have a new friend. Thank you for considering Muffin for a limerick. xx