Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Muffy has been a very typical terrier today! She was having a long weekday walk with her male human. There is one area where she is allowed off lead because we can see all around. We will spot any potential stress triggers in time to put the lead back on. She is generally good with her recall. BUT, as with all terriers, she goes completely deaf, if a small furry distracts her. 

At the moment, the usually bare field is full of rapeseeds. You can still see around it and she hasn't been bothered about going into the field. Today however, she spotted a rabbit and took off into the field after it!  Over two hours later, she emerged looking in a sorry state. I don't think she had gotten herself lost because hubby said she would reappear periodically to check he was there then take off again.

I don't think we need words to explain why this poor little face with its sore patches of rubbed off fur, has been evoking lots of sympathy. Not enough to get her out of a visit to the vet though.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Tasmanian devils

I have never actually seen a Tasmanian devil in the house, but Muffin tells all her facebook pals, that they occasionally burst from pillows and dog beds causing a huge mess. Muffin is a bit put out that she gets the blame for the damage. 

I am not convinced that somehow a devil has found its way into the soft furnishings. Does anybody else have problems with these pesky critters?

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Friday, 10 July 2015

The Papier Mache Zoo

There is a strange and wonderful place located somewhere in Norway and happily for me, it can also be found in facebook land.

The papier Mache Zoo can be found here It is a world of small mohair creatures lovingly created in homage to all things animal.

The last photo is a Bosley bear, pictured with the real Bosley. He has his own popular facebook page where you can hear all about his family's exploits, straight from the Boodles mouth.

Of course we have a Muffybear! The real Muffy is not quite sure what to make of the small imposter but I have an inkling that she would like to chew off mini Muffy's limbs, given half a chance.

 I love my little doggy bear, it makes me happy, and I love how a passion for animals inspires such diverse creativity.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today we are joining  Thankful Thursday Blog hop. We are thankful to Pepismartdog for hosting.

I am thankful that my family weren't put off by my unkempt look and decided to take me home to live with them.

I am thankful that I have rescued them from a dogless life. They are complete now. I am teaching them well.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Living with a shouty bitch!

We don't know anything about Muffin's past but it is clear that lots of things were new and scary to her when she came home. Once she had settled, she appeared to feel secure inside but going out was a whole different story. Throw into the mix, a human who knew nothing about dogs and walk time used to be a stressful time for both of us. Initially I couldn't even get her to walk at all as she found it scary to be by the road.

Muffin was worried about bikes, horses, cars, vans and especially other dogs. She would bark and lunge when she come across any of these scary things. Not really understanding, I was worried that she was aggressive. I had lots of advice and many people said she should be around things that caused a reaction so she got used to them. Twice she was jumped on by another dog and pinned down and once she started a fight. Luckily it was all noise and bluster! These experiences did nothing to ease her worries when it became apparent that she needed to be on the lead, she was even more stressed around dogs.

If I wanted to get her used to being around dogs, she would have to be on the lead and often other dogs would be loose and sometimes in her face. Things just got even harder for her. Training a dog who's reactivity is fear driven is no easy task.

I made the decision to walk her off the beaten track and give up on the idea of spending time around lots of dogs. Immediately both of us relaxed and started to enjoy our walks.

After lots of research, I began to realise that fear was at the heart of her issues and started to use positive reinforcement. We carried high value treats and gave generously for staying calm around scary things. We didn't get too close if we could help it and any successes were heavily praised. She quickly got better near the roads. I think she realised we would soon be away from the traffic and that helped her cope better. She doesn't react to horses at all now or bikes. Dogs are still hit and miss. Once she knows a dog, she is fine. She is generally happy to pass another dog if there is plenty of room. There is one narrow path where the lead has to be kept a bit tighter and she can react on passing. She did so well in a park with lots of on lead dogs, that we took her to a dog funday. She had a few altercations but was much calmer than the first time we had gone. So good in fact, that we took her to a village fete this weekend.

Muffin certainly got into the spirit and when we passed the folk band, who were singing their hearts out accompanied by acoustic guitar, Muffin felt relaxed enough to join in! With a rendition similar to her Christmas wish video, I am not sure she enhanced their performance. She did raise a few smiles though, which makes a change from the dirty looks I have become more accustomed to.

We are so proud of how far she has come. I think the key for us was accepting how she is and working with it rather than trying to get her to fit in a box of our making.

I always try and have a friendly smile when I see somebody else going through a similar thing with their dog. I have had my fair share of negative looks and comments but wish people would understand that she is not nasty or evil. Reactive dogs have the right to be out. We already walk at unsociable hours. We have walked on routes less travelled  even when they have been overgrown with nettles and thistles, just so we don't upset anyone. I wish people who are out with their well adjusted off lead dogs, didn't look outraged when their dogs approach my anxious on lead dog and get shouted at. She is on the lead for a reason. Our skins are thicker  and our resolve is strong. We will no doubt have more bad days. The darker nights drawing in often set us back a little, but we will take each day as it comes and celebrate every success.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Black and white Sunday

Some days are just for laying in Dads arms and contemplating life

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Friday, 3 July 2015


We are joining in Rascal and Rocco's pet parade hop and have chosen a poem for all dogs (especially terriers)

Your tail is too curly, Just like a pig
Your Manners are poor and you’re not very big
your legs are too short and they bend the wrong way
You snore in your bed at the end of the day

Your ears are too pointy, you look like a bat
You won’t wear a coat or a jumper or hat
Your fur is unruly it’s always in knots
You will roll on a dead thing, just after it rots

Your body is long, Like Gnashers, you’re tatty
But you don’t like the brush and can get a bit ratty
You grumble and swear if your dinner is late
Not a morsel of food will be left on your plate

Your eyes, they are covered you can’t see through your fur
You zoom through the house til you’re only a blur
Your temper is firey, you are quick to mouth off
You can pull on your lead til you splutter and cough

Your skittish outside when the night starts to fall
You sometimes won’t ‘leave it’ or ‘come’ when I call
You dance in the water no matter how dirty
You’re a little bit strange and your habits are quirky

Curled like a coil, that tail starts to wiggle
and it fills me with joy that bursts out in a  giggle
Your short legs are strong, you can run very fast
And you snore cos you learned, you can trust us, at last

When your bat ears point  high and your eyes fill with light,
I know you’ve heard Dad, coming home for the night
When you are smelly, you play in the bath
Jumping and splashing and making me laugh

Your body’s just right to fit curled  on my knee
Your fur’s  beautifully grey and as soft as can be
Whatever we feed you, we know you will finish
You eat all your meat and even your spinach

When your fur’s brushed away, your eyes, black like coal,
glisten and shine like your beautiful  soul
The barking’s  all bluster, but you'd die for your pack
The noise making up, for the stature you lack

You snuggle inside when the night starts to fall
and mostly you ‘leave it’ and ‘come’ when I call.
My terrier angel, My sweet contradiction,
Eclectic and beautiful, flawed, yet perfection

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