Friday, 3 July 2015


We are joining in Rascal and Rocco's pet parade hop and have chosen a poem for all dogs (especially terriers)

Your tail is too curly, Just like a pig
Your Manners are poor and you’re not very big
your legs are too short and they bend the wrong way
You snore in your bed at the end of the day

Your ears are too pointy, you look like a bat
You won’t wear a coat or a jumper or hat
Your fur is unruly it’s always in knots
You will roll on a dead thing, just after it rots

Your body is long, Like Gnashers, you’re tatty
But you don’t like the brush and can get a bit ratty
You grumble and swear if your dinner is late
Not a morsel of food will be left on your plate

Your eyes, they are covered you can’t see through your fur
You zoom through the house til you’re only a blur
Your temper is firey, you are quick to mouth off
You can pull on your lead til you splutter and cough

Your skittish outside when the night starts to fall
You sometimes won’t ‘leave it’ or ‘come’ when I call
You dance in the water no matter how dirty
You’re a little bit strange and your habits are quirky

Curled like a coil, that tail starts to wiggle
and it fills me with joy that bursts out in a  giggle
Your short legs are strong, you can run very fast
And you snore cos you learned, you can trust us, at last

When your bat ears point  high and your eyes fill with light,
I know you’ve heard Dad, coming home for the night
When you are smelly, you play in the bath
Jumping and splashing and making me laugh

Your body’s just right to fit curled  on my knee
Your fur’s  beautifully grey and as soft as can be
Whatever we feed you, we know you will finish
You eat all your meat and even your spinach

When your fur’s brushed away, your eyes, black like coal,
glisten and shine like your beautiful  soul
The barking’s  all bluster, but you'd die for your pack
The noise making up, for the stature you lack

You snuggle inside when the night starts to fall
and mostly you ‘leave it’ and ‘come’ when I call.
My terrier angel, My sweet contradiction,
Eclectic and beautiful, flawed, yet perfection

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  1. Oh yes, this poem quite fitting for terriers! They are an independent breed that's for sure and fun and mischievous and never boring!

  2. That was so sweet. It made me happy. ♥ Thank you for joining the Pet Parade!

  3. Brilliant poem; I love it :)