Friday, 10 July 2015

The Papier Mache Zoo

There is a strange and wonderful place located somewhere in Norway and happily for me, it can also be found in facebook land.

The papier Mache Zoo can be found here It is a world of small mohair creatures lovingly created in homage to all things animal.

The last photo is a Bosley bear, pictured with the real Bosley. He has his own popular facebook page where you can hear all about his family's exploits, straight from the Boodles mouth.

Of course we have a Muffybear! The real Muffy is not quite sure what to make of the small imposter but I have an inkling that she would like to chew off mini Muffy's limbs, given half a chance.

 I love my little doggy bear, it makes me happy, and I love how a passion for animals inspires such diverse creativity.


  1. They're lovely! I think Mr. N needs a mini-me.

    1. He would certainly be a good model for a doggybear!

  2. Wow, these are amazing. I would never have guessed they were made from paper mache.