Friday, 15 May 2015

Facebook Police

Muffin has her own facebook profile. She has a sweetheart named Archie who is a Cairn Westie cross and is in a complicated relationship with a boston terrier from Croydon called Lola. (Archie doesn’t mind) She has many short hairy friends. Roo, Scruffy, Biba, Murphy, Charley, Maisey, Holly, Daisy and Bella to name but a few. They keep each other informed about all the dog news and the tricks that they get up to. The dogs even have their very own abbreviations. There is BOL (Bark out loud) WMT (Wag my tail) TTTP (talk to the paw) The list goes on.
They share posts about lost and homeless dogs and support animal causes. Muffy even attended a trial once to determine the fate of another small terrier called Nellie. It was alleged, she killed a baby plover. Poor Nellie got sentenced to life (on the lead) Muffy was not happy with the verdict. Clearly some of the jury had been nobbled with sausages.
Periodically, there appears to be a cull and a few friends disappear. It is terribly sad because our doggy facebook pages are a lovely diary of our furry friends lives and a chance to connect with others who feel the same about their canine pals. It also stops our friends who are not so dog crazy, from being bored by our countless posts about our dogs on our own pages. Behind every dog there is a warm human who makes our world a nicer and funnier place to live.
Can’t you leave our dogs alone facebook. We all know that dogbook is not the same thing. We don’t hurt anyone and there is lots of fundraising and rescue work done. As Muffy’s little friends would say ‘Grrrrrrrrrrrrr and Pffffffttttttt to faceypoobook!’ How dare you say we are not real!

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