Saturday, 13 June 2015

Where's my sock!

I know that question has been asked by many and sometimes the mystery is never solved. Generally it is one of those minor annoyances that, at worst ends in having to purchase some new socks but for anyone with a dog, the disappearance of such an item can be a concern.
At the moment, I am wearing those kind of half socks. We are not allowed to wear open toed sandals at work as it comes under health and safety. To be fair, I did once drop a crayon on my foot which could have been nasty if someone had just sharpened it! The half sock makes for a more comfortable experience on a hot day, rather than sliding around in sweaty ballerina type shoes.
The trouble with half socks is that when you remove your shoe, they tend to twang off. I was vaguely aware of this happening and making a mental note to remove the sock from the floor before it was stolen.
On noticing the sock was gone later on, I desperately tried to remember if I had picked it up and put it somewhere. I have a hazy memory of doing so but I am not sure if it is wishful thinking.
Muffin does not generally try to eat laundry or other inedible items which she loots but the sock is small and I can't help feeling concerned. I spent most the yesterday evening and some time this morning searching everywhere for the tiny sock. I have asked google 'where's my sock' but just got shown a list of similar enquiries from others. I have checked likely hidey holes and even had a dig in the pebble patch where I once found my glasses but to no avail. The sock is still AWOL.
Muffin is being watched for any signs of distress but so far seems okay. She has passed last night tea without incident. I know it was last nights tea, as she had some natures menu nuggets and tends to pop the peas back out the same way they went in.
Nothing more to be done except watch, wait and keep searching so I can stop panicking. I am not keen to leave her alone at all as I have heard stories of non consumables being vomited up and eaten again before worried owners have had a chance to reclaim them.
So where is your twin little half sock. I don't think I will truly relax until it is found!


  1. Oh gosh, this would drive me crazy, too. I bet she didn't eat it and it's just tucked away somewhere out of the way. You will probably find it when you aren't looking for it. Try not to worry and it will turn up.

    1. Turns out, she had eaten it! Luckily she vomited it up nearly 5 days after it disappeared. Luckily she seems fine!