Sunday, 21 June 2015

For the dogs lost in the Manchester dogs home fire

For all the dogs who died last night,
I hope your fear and pain.
Your days of empty loneliness,
haven’t been in vain.

I hope you’re somewhere filled with love,
I hope you’re having fun,
I hope you’re chasing rabbits
In a meadow bathed in sun

I hope you’re digging in the sand
and chasing frothy sea,
I hope that every other night,
It’s sausages for tea.

I hope you have a crunchy bone,
for breakfast everyday.
I hope that every ache and pain
is gently kissed away

I hope at night you have friend
so you can snuggle in,
whether they’ve got fur or wool
or funny naked skin.

Most of all , I hope you’re plight
has helped the people know
that lots of lonely dogs and cats
still have no place to go.

I hope that all the dogs this day
still frightened and alone
will find a special place to stay
A place they can call home.

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