Sunday, 21 June 2015

A sweet after thought

A sweet afterthought: (Muffin’s Story)

No dogs at the shelter, they told us that day.
They might get upset, when the kids come to play.
With heart feeling heavy, we walked to the door,
‘Wait’, they called over, and hope rose once more.

We waited again, as they talked in hushed tones.
They looked on their forms and spoke on their phones.
We were told about Muffin, still being assessed,
but you’d made friends with everyone, even the vets

We went out to meet you, it was cold, it was dark.
They moved your doggy pal, because he liked to bark.
You came running over, excited and whirly
Your fur looked all black and crazy and curly.

The lighting was dim and we couldn't see well,
Not a fact of your life, before now, could they tell,
We left you that night but we swore to come back,
So you could come home and be part of our pack.

You got sick the next day, so you stayed a while longer.
Just ‘til you started to feel a bit stronger.
The days went by slowly, we longed for our pet.
You were grumpy with everyone, especially the vet.

It was all hallows eve when they let you come home.
You got straight in your bed and you ripped a toy bone.
Your manners weren't good and you wee'd on the floor.
You pulled on your lead and you whined at the door.

‘She looks just like Toto,’ we heard over again.
I'm not sure that Toto, was as much as a pain!
‘I think she’s a Cairn cross,’ said those in the know.
To the Cairn terrier forum, for help I did go.

I read about Cairns and their rascally stunts,
the digging and chewing, the barking, the hunts.
About chewing up beds and removing the stuffing.
Sounds almost exactly like you, little Muffin!

You taught us a lot, our Halloween dog.
You changed us inside and you helped clear the fog.
Who would have guessed that the answers we sought,
would come in the form of a sweet afterthought.

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