Sunday, 21 June 2015

Real (In memory of Suze)

Face book once deleted you, they said that you weren't real
You didn't laugh, or think or cry. You couldn't really feel.
We never shared our stories,or pictures of our furries.
We never made each other laugh, or sometimes shared our worries.
We never picked each other up, if one of us was down.
Or shared sad doggy tales, which turned our smiles to frowns
We never felt the comfort, of knowing, come what may,
Archie tells us ‘Nite nite’, at the end of every day.
How can someone make believe,Shine their light so far.
To reach across the internet. A shining cyberstar.
You touched so many with your warmth and cheered us with your smile.
You didn’t only add friends, but you went the extra mile.
You would extend your hand in friendship and show you really cared
We never knew if you were down or insecure or scared
Now you have gone forever, not just temporarily deleted
I keep thinking, I will see you back, with Archie, undefeated.
So facebook can you tell us, we are fake and cannot feel
that the tears that fill a river, the shock and loss aren't real.
The heartache for a family left bewildered and alone
Is all a cyber nightmare and Suz isn’t really gone.

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