Sunday, 21 June 2015

What's my name

I am a dog with many names
I really don’t know why
sometimes, I am Scruffy girl
and sometimes cutie pie

When I’m full of tricks and stunts,
they call me ‘Monkey Moo’.
The house is full of laughter
As I run by with a shoe

Sometimes I can be a rogue,
I know! unbelievable, but true.
When ‘Muffin’ is said sternly,
I’m usually rolling in some pooh

At times when I am ‘Muffin’
I can have some middle names.
Like ‘Muffin Oh for heaven’s sake’
or ‘Muffin you’re a pain’

Dad, he asked the groomer once,
‘Can you trim my Muff?’
He thought, he was funny
but then, Mum went in a huff!

My best friend Sophie, gives me treats
And I give her, the snuffles
We dance and play and cuddle up
She calls me ‘little Muffles’

They call me ‘Muffly wuffly’
or ‘Moosey woosey woo’
Sometimes I’m ‘The Muffster
or ‘little Muffy Moo’

Mostly I’m just ‘Muffy’
And thats alright with me
I’m quite sure that a ‘Muffy’
Is a special thing to be

The name I like to hear the most
Is always said with love
Even when the day we’ve had
Hasn’t been so good

I go outside, the light grows dim
I know I’ll hear it soon
I munch my bedtime treat, and wait,
‘Goodnight, sweet Muffin Moon’

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