Monday, 13 March 2017

If I stay very still!

Spring is in the air and mischief is certainly on the mind of any self respecting terrier! Muffin is no exception. She has been outside in her yard soaking up the rare rays of sunshine and barking at any bird passing over which looks like it may have some food goodies in it's claws. She has found that this tactic, often results in the food being dropped in alarm.

She enjoyed a walk across the fields but got into a bit of a disagreement with the human male over a lambs tail. Muffin found it, fair and square and was not really keen on giving it up. Happily, it wasn't attached to the lamb still but it looked a bit unsavoury. Needless to say, that particular tug of war was over quickly with the human male claiming victory.

For now though, she is contemplating what tricks she can get up to after her tea. The seat she has chosen to ponder this, belongs to the human male. He got up about 30 seconds ago. Nothing like a nice warm seat to inspire terrier shenanigans. If she doesn't move, maybe nobody will spot her there. It is also a good place to take in cooking smells and try to guess what we are having for dinner. Muffin is now enjoying a mostly home cooked diet. We will shortly be adding some of her favourite recipes to the blog!

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