Sunday, 2 October 2016

Holidays with you

Holidays with you , aren’t the same as before.
We are not quite as rested and calm anymore.
We never quite know from one break to the next,
Will we be carefree  or will we be vexed.

Making a tick list of things just for you.
The long lead, the short lead, some bags for your poo,
Some bowls cos your fussy and know what you like.
A bed so your comfy and cosy at night.

Remembering Monday, to shop for a willy.
So we can unpack and you won’t be silly.
Remembering Tuesday, that Monday is done
And the man on the stall and his willies are gone.

So driving to town for a chewy to eat.
Paying a fortune for a ‘pets at home’ treat.
You munch it but blimey! What ever’s  that smell?
It seems that trachea doesn’t sit very well.

We arrive at the site and you see there’s a mole.
You try to evict him by digging a hole!
Even on holiday, work never ends.
Are you plumping the cushions or just making friends!

Over the Deer park, your lead comes undone,
With breath held, we pray, there’s no Fenton, rerun.
But no, you wait nicely to go on your lead,
This time not having to beg and to plead.

Sleeping with legs tucked up under my chin
We brought you the bed but you wouldn’t go in
Good morning cuddles and tumbling and leaping
Pulling of pillows and under quilt creeping.

We buy you a lolly, all milky, to lick
Try not to chew it No! Don’t eat the stick
We worry for one day we worry for two
Then carefree, you pop out a lolly pop poo.

The man in the cafe laughs at our tale.
Says they don’t really have doggy ice cream for sale,
But he makes one just right for a doggy to lick.
This time in a cornet and not on a stick

Made up fun games of the terrier kind.
Rolling down hillocks and mounds that you find,
Again and again til your heads in a spin,
Then you look for a mud pool to roll around in

Terrier bungee when your on your long lead,
You find a good run and then take off at speed.
You judge it just right and fly through the air,
and twang in the grass, with the wind in your hair

Holidays with you, are the best kind of fun,
We dance in the rain while we wait for the sun.
Seeing the world through a terriers eyes,
A joyful adventure, A constant surprise.


  1. Life with terriers is always filled with spirit and fun! Lovely (and fun) poem!

  2. Thank you. Yes never a dull moment!